“I couldn’t find a sitter”. “I forgot they were in the car”. ” l ran in the store for 30 minutes”. “I had to work”. These are just a few of the ridiculous and inexcusable reasons parents have given after their children have either died or suffered serious injuries from being left in a hot car. I wish somebody would just be honest and tell the truth….”I’m tired of being a parent!” “I need help!” “I’m overwhelmed!” “I’m gonna kill this kid!”

I am literally sickened to my stomach by not just the irresponsible act of leaving small, helpless children in burning hot cars but the outright maltreatment and violence children are being subjected to by adults who SHOULD be nurturing and caring for them. I am no stranger to child abuse and have spent many years up close and personal working with parents who have either done or allowed the unimaginable to be done to their children.

So you ask….How can a parent do such heinous and violent things to their children? Here are a few “why” reasons that I’ve concluded from my years of professional experience:

1. It was done to them so they are doing what they naturally know to do. They lack proper parenting education to learn appropriate discipline methods thus engage in harsh methods of discipline.

2. They have a mental illness and are not under anyone’s routine care for psychological and/or psychiatric needs therefore VERY unstable.

3. They have a violent temper they have not learned to control thus are prone to react unreasonably and uncontrollably to a child’s behavior.

4. They have a substance abuse problem that grossly effects their ability to parent or make sound parental decisions while under the influence.

5. Those around them (family, friends, significant others, neighbors, etc.). Have consistently witnessed their maltreatment of their children without intervening or challenging what they are doing to their children or not doing for themselves. Those close to these families must intervene or speak out FOR THE CHILDREN! Stop turning the cheek!

Whatever the “why” may be, there is never a good reason to hurt or kill a child. They are innocent and didn’t choose US as parents..we CHOSE to have them. No matter what the circumstances may have been behind their conception if you choose to have a child then you either take care of them properly with love, nurture and care or give them to somebody who can.

I understand that parenting alone is a tough job in the best of situations. And becomes even more difficult when you are faced with other stressors such as financial difficulties, homelessness, poverty, etc. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, depressed or stressed with life and parenting here are a few things you can do:

1. Seek help immediately! There are resources in your community that can help you. Call someone–family, friend, a hotline, etc. Don’t wait until your frustration is so high that you pop like a balloon and make the wrong decision.

2. Take your child to someone who can and will care for them. Not to any Tom and Jerry but a trusted someone or some place that you know will care for them.

3. Find a support system-–parent support group, church/faith-based organization, neighbors, etc. In tough times just having a listening ear or knowing you have support can lighten your load.

4. Just don’t respond in violence to your child(ren) or do something to inadvertently hurt them because you can’t handle the pressure. Exercise self-control by taking some deep breaths or a quick parent time out to think before acting when you’re angry.

All said and done….We must stop this violence that is happening to our children on a regular basis. There are too many children that are being mistreated, hurt and killed. Something needs to be done about it! Parents that are seriously hurting their children need tougher consequences for their actions. There are too many parents getting away with real crimes against their children simply because they are parents. A slap on the wrist is no longer enough–maybe parents should be charged with a crime like aggravated assault or the intent do great bodily harm not just child abuse!

If you or someone you know are overwhelmed and stressed as a parent my Parent Coaching Services will be very helpful to you!

Call or email us today for your FREE 30 minute consultation and get the help you need!

You can reach us at

Here’s to coaching you through it all…one step at a time!

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Building Your A-List Support System!


Having a support system is one of the most important factors in being an effective parent. Whether it’s your mother, father, sister, friend, neighbor, etc. Every parent must have people and places that they can depend on to support them as they raise their

What is a support system?
A support system is a group of people and/or places that has made themselves available to help you and your family in areas of need such as child care, transportation, moral support, advice, resources, etc.

So who is your support system? Who have you enlisted to be in your corner to help you and your family? I know this may be a difficult task for some people but please understand that your life will instantly become more manageable when you decide to trust others to be a part of your life in a supportive way.

Here are 3 tips to help you build an
A-List Support System:

1. ASK for help! No one will know that you need help if you don ask them. Many people suffer alone and in silence when there was someone willing and able to help them through their situation if they only ASKED!

2. RECOGNIZE when people are in your life to help you and not to hurt you. Having trust issues can hinder your ability to recognize when someone is really looking out for your best interests and will cause you to ignore a helping hand! So don’t miss out on your help because you can’t recognize when someone is there to help!

3. BE OPEN to receiving help from people and places when you realize you need it. Being too proud to accept a helping hand will not help you or your family when in need. But being prideful will leave you suffering because you didn’t want a “handout”! Allow people to help you because EVERYONE has needed a helping hand at some point in their life. You are not the first and you will not be the last to need help!

So, let’s get started building your support system today. There are people who are willing and able to be there to support you and your family if you would only ASK, RECOGNIZE, and BE OPEN!

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Freedom In Your Family!


I’ve had an insanely busy two weeks and finished it off with some family fun at a local festival before heading off to a week-long vacation. But all of this food, fireworks, parades and celebrations about our FREEDOM has made me think about when I decided to become financially free and start my company Renaissance Family Solutions, Inc.

Becoming free didn’t just mean breaking FREE from the typical day to day operations of the corporate world. But it meant becoming FREE to pursue my purpose and do what I am most passionate about…helping families achieve true FREEDOM in their homes!

*FREEDOM to raise healthy children;
*FREEDOM to discipline their children without violence;
*FREEDOM to build a support system that really helps;
*FREEDOM to have services that are needed; AND
*FREEDOM to build a successful family.

So for those parents, youth and families that I have had the pleasure of working with and for those that I have not…continue to seek true FREEDOM in your families and fill your walls with love, happiness, peace and harmony! YOU CAN DO IT!! Continue to have a great summer and contact us if you need help with anything!

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Hats Off To Mothers!

     Mothers are an invaluable part of our world! They wear so many hats and I believe mothers have the toughest job in the world. Being a mother doesn’t start when your child is born and doesn’t stop when they turn 18. Being a mother never ends no matter how old your children are! I don’t know about anyone else but I still like to call my mother anytime for some motherly advice, comfort or just to hear her voice.

When you are a mother of a child who has special needs or disabilities, your job as a mother can get a little tougher. It will take understanding, compassion, support, hard work, advocacy and a unique set of skills to successfully parent your child to achieving great things in life. But it is possible–our guest speaker at the “Hats Off To Mothers” event proved that everything is possible! She let us know that no matter what the problem is–that we as mothers are the frontline defense for our children that can never wave their flags!!

I wanted to share some photos of my “Hats Off To Mothers” event in support of children’s mental health awareness week! If you have any questions or are in need of support or services for your family please feel free to contact us!! We can help you!!








It’s Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week!




I’ve spent the last couple of weeks attending and participating in mental health awareness events in the community. This week I will host my own mental health awareness event called “Hats Off To Mothers“. An event designed to celebrate and honor mothers of children with emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues. We are looking forward to this fun event with a guest speaker, poetry, prizes and food!

As a parent support partner, I’m always trying to help parents come up with ideas to help their children function better daily in all environments. So, I came up with these 5 Tips to Raising Mentally Healthy Kids:

1. Create an environment of love, acceptance , nurturing , support and compassion.

2. Find a circle of supportive people and places that understand and love you and your children.

3. Build up your children daily with positive words of encouragement and reassurance.

4. Advocate for the needs, services and rights of your children no matter what.

5. Improve yourself as a parent by continuing to learn, change and model.

Please follow me on instagram @yasheemathecoach this week and share all of the mental health facts posted and share with your networks throughout the week. Also use #mentalhealthawareness when you share the facts on twitter or instagram.

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Putting Children First!

Originally posted on YASHEEMA MARSHALL:


     In today’s society, parents can get so busy with their own lives that they allow their children to suffer!  Due to broken homes, distant families, divorces, economic strain, etc. many parents find themselves in predictaments to make some tough choices.  It is also due to these very issues that today it’s even more important to put our children at the top of our priority list.
There is no question that we as parents have to work and provide for our children because we did have them.  However, sacrificing quality time to work to provide for your family is not the same as sending our children to a sitter so we can hangout instead of spending quality time with them.
Of course as parents we need to have some “me” time but when you make a decision to have children, you have made a decision to put “them” first. …

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Putting Children First!


     In today’s society, parents can get so busy with their own lives that they allow their children to suffer!  Due to broken homes, distant families, divorces, economic strain, etc. many parents find themselves in predictaments to make some tough choices.  It is also due to these very issues that today it’s even more important to put our children at the top of our priority list.
There is no question that we as parents have to work and provide for our children because we did have them.  However, sacrificing quality time to work to provide for your family is not the same as sending our children to a sitter so we can hangout instead of spending quality time with them.
Of course as parents we need to have some “me” time but when you make a decision to have children, you have made a decision to put “them” first.  So most of your time especially during those early years (0-6yrs.) have to be dedicated to preparing them for their big debut into the jungle called society.  I am definitely not saying that having children stops you from having a life but you should never sacrifice the care, nurturing and needs of your children at any time.  Here’s 3 quick tips to help you parent on the fly:

Tip 1:  Set aside at least 30 minutes out of the day to spend with your child doing some quality activity that they enjoying doing with you.   Try to avoid video games or electronics but if that is your best way to connect with them then have at it.  But remember to have fun and make memories.

Tip 2:  Develop a support system that allows you to work, pursue your dreams, attend classes, etc. Having key people that you can trust in place to help with your kids is priceless especially when life happens. These people have to understand your style of parenting and follow the expectations that you have outlines for your children.

Tip 3: Create a system where you’re able to enjoy life, pursue your dreams and still be the best parent to your children. This system will help you have the best of both worlds while attaining success in life.
But the most important thing to remember is not to sacrifice your children for your own personal life. Your children didn’t choose you…you chose to become a parent! So the least you could do is make sure they are raised with lots of love, nurturing and attention until they’re 18!

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A Few Keys To Parenting Your Kids Towards Success


Today the solid foundation of the family is so bombarded with instability and insecurity that most children have no idea what to do, what’s expected of them, or where they’re going. One of my followers suggested that I blog about how to parent their child to be successful. So, here are my top and easy tips to remember about raising a successful child. But always remember to have an idea and standard for what your “success” looks like and means to you!

1. Parents must outline the five most important values that your child should stand on, explain these values to them (write it down if you have to) and model these values in your everyday life. Most parents just expect their kids to “know” the family values but have never discussed these values with them. For example, knowing and understanding that being a Christian should be a daily way of life that you’re children can observe.

2. Educate your child for life! I’m not talking about traditional education although it is very important to the success of your child to have a proper academic education. But what I’m talking about in terms of education here is the fact that parents must educate their children on the concept of life in general. We must create environments for our children that has an expectation of personal drive and responsibility, integrity, independence, self-worth, self-motivation and a sense of preparedness so that when they leave out of the front doors they can handle “life” and any part of it. We must constantly teach them and train them on what to do, when to do it, what not to do, who to do with and why? This is hands-on training that never ends! Life will happen whether your children are ready or not so get them ready to be successful at it!

3. Parents must guide their children in the direction that you want them to go in. You don’t forcefully impose all of the things that you didn’t do when you were a child but learn what their strengths and abilities are and gently guide them in the right direction. Stop letting your child dictate everything they want to do or don’t like to you. This gentle guidance starts early in the development of your child–not when they turned 12.

4. Parents must correct signs of a lazy and mediocre attitude in your child immediately! Don’t allow your child to sit around and stare into idiot boxes all day (tv, video games, tablets, etc.). They must learn that being productive is imperative to being successful at anything. If you have to create systems that helps your child learn how to be more productive, excellent and responsible then do so. Just because they are children does not mean that they cannot contribute to the household. Once you allow your child to think of life ‘half empty’ and bask in their laziness, this will begin a lifetime of laziness they’ll have to combat throughout their life. Push them to be better, do better and think better and they will!

5. Don’t forget to keep your kids connected to positive activities outside of the home. You can find these activities at school, daycare, church and in the community. Being a part of these activities can help your child learn various success skills that are very important to their life. Success skills such as how to be a leader, how to be a team player, how to negotiate with people, how to better communicate with people and how to engage in positive interactions with those outside of the family and in different environments.

These are just a few tips that I’ve learned from my own parenting experiences as well as the knowledge learned from others that can help when raising successful children.

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